Penomet And Bathmate Penis Pumps: How Do They Work?

The Penomet and Bathmate hydro-pumps work based on a rather simple and straightforward principle. This results in high safety and effectiveness of their use. The design of such a device comprises a chamber inside which the man is supposed to put his penis. At the entrance to this tube, there is a special sleeve that acts as a pumping element. At the base of the cylinder, there’s a small valve through which water flows.

Once the penis is inside the chamber, the man should press the sleeve against his pubic bone as tightly as possible to ensure water-tightness. Before using a water pump, you should spend 5-10 minutes in a bathtub with warm water. Before inserting your penis into the tube, make sure there’s water inside the chamber. Next, the man should start performing pumping movements, which remove all the excess fluid and air from the chamber. Eventually, a vacuum forms inside the tube, which enhances blood flow in the penis. This Penomet review will show you how this penis pump works

Perform pumping for 2, no more than 3 minutes, and then take a rest. During the break, you should take the penis out of the chamber. For maximum safety, you should open the upper valve and release all the remaining liquid and air from the tube. After a minute break, repeat the cycle 3-4 times. Please note that the duration of one pumping session should not exceed 20 minutes.

There are many handy accessories among the most useful developments of water pump manufacturers. For example, if you want to use the pump in the shower with greater convenience, you can attach a belt to the device, which greatly simplifies the pumping process.

Penomet and Bathmate Hydro-Pumps: Statistics

Worth noting, the water pumps Penomet and Bathmate have repeatedly undergone clinical tests participated by both ordinary consumers and medical professionals. This has allowed drawing an objective assessment of the effectiveness of these devices.

Medical specialists regularly conduct surveys and online monitoring to evaluate the popularity of hydro-pumps. According to the 2018 data, the demand for the device grew by about 45.8%, which is a 25% increase as compared to the 2016 result. As of today, every fifth man on our planet has tried out a hydro-pump at least once in his life.

Those who still have doubts regarding the effectiveness and high performance of the hydro-devices may be interested in the following statistics. Of the 90 people who used the device for six months, 87 reported a positive result.

Comparative Characteristics of Penis Pumps

Below, you can get familiar with the comparative characteristics of the Penomet and Bathmate pumps. Externally, these two devices are constructively similar: a chamber, a sleeve, and a valve for water discharge. However, if you have a closer look at the two designs, you will notice certain qualitative differences.

A Bathmate user should select the device based on the parameters of his penis. Measure your penis to buy the most suitable model that will deliver a positive effect and let you achieve your goals. Bathmate comes with a built-in, non-replaceable sleeve. As soon as the rubber components are worn out, you need to dispose of the device, even if the condition of the plastic chamber is satisfactory. On the surface of the chamber, you can see a measuring scale that will help you monitor the parameters of your genital organ.

Unlike its counterpart, Penomet comes in one universal size that is compatible with any parameters of the penis. This indicates the working chamber is made of more flexible and pliable plastic. Another significant difference between Penomet and its counterpart is the former’s removable sleeve. When the rubber element is worn out, you can easily replace it. Also, this allows you to opt for any preferred type of the pumping part. The manufacturer of the Penomet hydro-pump has developed several variants of sleeves that ensure different levels of pressure and differ in their intended use. While the pressure parameter is simple to understand, the intended use need a bit of an explanation. If you want to use Penomet out of the water, you should purchase an additional special sleeve.

Many users think that removable sleeves come as part of the basic kit. However, the standard package includes only one pumping element. If you want a multifunctional device, you should consider purchasing additional sleeves.

In all other aspects, the Penomet and Bathmate hydro-pumps are completely identical.


If you’re starting to notice problems caused by modest penis parameters, we recommend that you think hard about purchasing a water pump, such as Penomet or Bathmate. It’s the most effective and safe method to incite natural growth of the genital organ. In contrast to the alternative (penis extenders), hydro-pumps do not require long-term interaction with the penis. 20 minutes per day are enough to ensure positive results.

Moreover, you can use the pump immediately before the sexual intercourse. This will give you a strong and long-lasting erection. Once you start pumping with Penomet and Bathmate, it won’t be long before you get a positive result.

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MaleEdge Medical Review and Clinical Study 2018

MaleEdge is a penis extender device which promises to increase the size of your penis by 1-4 inches. Those that do not want to use penis pills or surgeries will find this product useful, as it claims that it can extend your penis to up to three inches over a certain period.

The device is manufactured by a company from Denmark that is known for making tools for men. You can order this product directly from the manufacturer`s website and get it shipped to your home address. However, the shipping fees will cost you about $30.

MaleEdge comes in three different packages:

  • The basic package is $150;
  • Extra package costs $175;
  • Pro package is $200.

MaleEdge is primarily designed for those men that are not satisfied with the length of their penis and that are prepared to use the extender for a longer period. You need to be at least 18 years old to use this product, and there is no upper age limit until which you can use the device.

How does MaleEdge penis extender work

MaleEdge extends your penis by using the force of traction (read more – It stretches your penis until results get permanent. It boosts production of new skin cells in your penis, making it thicker and longer. This is a popular technology widely used by health professionals, so everything is safe and without any adverse side effects.

When you receive the MaleEdge package, you need to assemble the product first before you start using it. To start using it, you have a few steps to follow. The first thing you need to do is to separate the part that is on the front of the rods. There is also a type of ring that you should attach to your penis.

If your penis is longer than five inches, you need to turn the rubber strap around. The belt should be put either on the top or under your foreskin, whatever feels more comfortable for you. The rods should be turned clockwise and pulled to achieve the desired length. Everything should feel comfortable and well secured. These are just basic instructions, but you will get a better idea and more thorough explanation if you follow the instructional manual that is included in your MaleEdge package.

MaleEdge side effects

As mentioned, MaleEdge does not come with negative side effects. However, some people may experience bigger tenderness in their groin area. Also, some people may feel discomfort or slight pain when they use the device for the first time. This discomfort should go away within the first few days of using the tool.

Positive about MaleEdge is that is made of light plastic materials, so you will not even feel the device when you are wearing it as opposed to other penis extenders on the market. However, plastic materials also mean that this device is as not durable as other extenders. You should also be careful when you apply higher tension on the front piece because it may pop out.

MaleEdge is a penis enlargement device that will most likely bring you positive results over time, but you need to be very patient and use it every day for optimal results. The results are different from one man to another, and be prepared to wait for at least six months to experience any difference in the size and girth of your penis. Being made of plastic is a concern for many people, and also the relatively high shipping fee is a drawback to many men.

How to use MaleEdge

MaleEdge is not the best penis extender you can find on the market but is also not the worst. It is easy to use and more comfortable to wear in comparison to other devices. Make sure you follow the instructions if you want to get the best results and you will avoid any problems.

Promises that you can gain a few inches in size are brave, but the results are not the same for every man that uses the device. Overall, MaleEdge is a solid product to try. If the shipping fees and plastic materials are not a problem for you, then MaleEdge can be a good extender for you.

ProSolution Pills for Bigger and Harder Erections

ProSolution Plus is a male enhancement supplement designed for men that have problems with erectile dysfunction and in maintaining erections. These pills should improve your overall sexual performance by increasing your libido and help with premature ejaculation. You can find the best prosolution plus review here

How does Prosolution Plus work?

The natural ingredients in the supplement work by increasing the production of testosterone in your body, so you should quickly experience positive results. Your nitric oxide levels will also get elevated, so you should also be able to last longer in bed. This supplement should be consumed once per day together with water. It is advised that those people that have heart problems to consult medical experts before using ProSolution Plus.

ProSolution Plus are supplement made with natural ingredients that have shown positive results in treating certain forms of erectile dysfunction. It comes in the form of tablets, and you can buy the product online. This is a bit more expensive pill as it costs about four hundred dollars for twelve months supply. However, the positive thing is that you have a 67-day money back guarantee during which period you can try the product and see how it works.

ProSolution Pills mainly work by elevating the levels of testosterone and nitric oxide in your body. There are many helpful ingredients in the ProSolution Plus formula, and some of them are the following:

  • Apigenin keeps your blood vessels in healthy condition;
  • Arjuna boosts your blood circulation and helps your heart to function properly;
  • Butea Superba is an ingredient that increases your sexual desire and helps with erectile dysfunction;
  • Cordyceps boosts libido and stamina;
  • Drilizen increases your testosterone production and contributes for better and longer erections;
  • Korean Ginseng improves your erections;
  • Momordica reduces body fat and helps your body produce more testosterone;
  • Solidilin improves your sexual performance;
  • Zinc improves the quality and volume of your semen.

Many people point out that ProSolution Plus work in providing the benefits for men. There are numerous positive testimonials from men claiming that their sexual performances have improved since starting using this male supplement. Erections have become harder, libido has increased, and stamina has significantly improved.

Prosolution Plus results

There are many advantages in favor of using ProSolution Plus. The most significant benefits are that this supplement is available to buy online, it comes with a generous money back guarantee, and that it has shown great results in increasing testosterone levels, improving stamina, treating erectile dysfunction and improving overall sexual performance.

Many benefits are seen right away after taking this supplement, but for best results, you should use ProSolution Plus for at least few months. There are no negative side effects associated with this product, although it is recommendable for people that have high blood pressure to consult a health expert before starting to use this product.

Losing testosterone and low libido is normal for aging men. Many men have problems in achieving and maintaining hard erections, but fortunately, there are right solutions to remedy this problem. ProSolution Pills are a great answer for those that look to improve their sexual desire and achieve hard erections.

This supplement is designed to help you with your sexual problems and also to enhance many other aspects of your overall health. If you regularly use ProSolution Pills, you should experience bigger energy because of the improved blood circulation in your body. Sexual vigor and stamina will also improve, so in general, you can benefit a lot if you start using this potent male pill.

Many people are seeking quick solutions when it comes to treating sex problems, but the truth is that you have to be patient if you want to improve your life in a certain way. Your sexual life will improve with ProSolution Pills, but you have to be patient and be prepared to wait for some time before you feel the difference. Read more about low testosterone on MedicineNet.

Having numerous potent natural ingredients is what makes this formula stand out from the rest, but quality comes with a good price. If the money is not a problem, then you should get this product and experience all results by yourself. You can gain a lot from a regular user, so it is better to get larger quantity and use ProSolution Pills for an extended period for maximum benefits. ProSolution Pills are a high-quality medicine that will significantly improve your sex life.

SizeGenetics – Quick and Comfortable Penis Enlargement Device

SizeGenetics benefits

SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement device with which you can extend your penis. It works on the principle by breaking down your penis tissues and their replacement with larger tissue. It uses mechanical traction (learn more – health24) for increasing your penis, and it is claimed that you can gain 1-3 inches in a period 6-12 months.

Penis extender devices are more popular than penis pumps because usually, their results are better. More specifically, with SizeGenetics, besides increasing the length of your penis you can also correct the problems with bend penis. SizeGenetics is a popular penis stretching device because it provides a non-invasive method for enlarging your penis.

Manufacturers claim that you can increase both the length and girth of your penis if you use the device for at least six months. Another brave promise is that the results will become permanent if you use SizeGenetics for one year.

How to order SizeGenetics online

SizeGenetics can be purchased online from the manufacturer`s website, and it comes in three different packages.

  • The basic package is for those with a limited budget, and it contains a DVD with instructions, comfort pad, stretcher, strap and elongation bars. One drawback of this package is that the strap, comfort pad and elongation bars can be a bit uncomfortable with extended use.
  • The second package is called Ultimate Comfort System, which is better if you plan to use the device long-term. It contains a multi-head piece that includes head beds for stabilization of your penis head, traction plus powder for creating better traction between your penis and the stretcher, and aftercare moisturizer.
  • The third package Ultimate System package contains extra DVD with penis exercises as well as comfort plasters.

How to use SizeGenetics Device

Regarding how to use this device, SizeGenetics requires wearing for up to five hours per day for six consecutive months if you want to get visible results. Getting one or two days of break is advisable when your penis starts to feel a bit sore.

Many people claim that you will need at least two or three weeks before you completely get used to wearing the SizeGenetics penis extender. Using the SizeGenetics penis extender is easy, and everything is well explained in the instructional DVD that comes with the package of your choice. Your first need to put your penis on the ring.

Then the elongated bars should be attached, and you need to insert your penis head into the headpiece. You should pull the bands that are on the comfort straps and make some adjustments so everything will fit comfortably.

Slowly increase the time of wearing the SizeGenetics device every day, and in a matter of few months, you should be able to see the positive results. The good thing regarding SizeGenetics is that there are no negative side effects if you use the product according to the manufacturer`s instructions.

As with other similar products on the market, SizeGenetics comes with a few pros and cons. Main advantages are the fact that this penis extender has been medically certified and clinically tested for positive results.

Another great thing is that besides improving length and girth, it can also fix your penis curve. SizeGenetics is made of high-quality materials and can be easily hidden and worn underneath your clothes or while you sleep.

SizeGenetics penis enlargement results

Regarding cons of the product, this device requires long-term, extended use if you want to experience best results. It is not for those that seek immediate results in enlarging their penises. Also, you might need a week or two before you feel comfortable in using it. Another drawback is that the basic package comes without a comforter.

The manufacturers of SizeGenetics will fully refund you and will let you keep the device for free if you prove that their product has not delivered positive results within six months of usage. However, the catch is that you have to make ‘before and after’ photos and document your daily progress over six months to get the refund.

In general, SizeGenetics penis extender has been on the market for over two decades now, so it is a safe and good product to use. If you have the patience to wait for at least six months to get visible results, then SizeGenetics will deliver you the results you expect from it.

VigRX Oil – Topical Male Sex Enhancer Review

VigRX Oil is male enhancement cream that claims to be very effective in providing quick and strong erections. Not only your erections should become stronger, but they should also last longer, and you should be able to control your ejaculations better.

It is also claimed that VigRX Oil will improve your stamina and confidence, erection hardness, as well as it will intensify your orgasms. The formula of which VigRX Oil is made primarily boosts the blood flow that leads towards your penis. That results in harder erections and improves your overall sexual life. VigRX Oil is applied externally and is an ideal solution for those men that do not want to take pills or use pumps or penis extenders.

Instant male enhancement results

Manufacturers claim that you should be able to experience benefits in a matter of minutes after you apply the oil on your penis. It absorbs quickly into the bloodstream, and it provides you with the desired results.

The great thing about VigRX Oil is that is good for men of all ages. It does not have side effects because it is made with natural ingredients and it is also compatible with condoms. All you have to do is just apply it to your penis, and the oil will get absorbed almost instantly. Another good thing regarding this product is that it comes with 67-day money back guarantee during which period you can test the oil and see whether it will bring you the desired results.

How to apply VigRx Oil

Ideally, you should apply the oil right before having sex. That is because hard erections are achieved right after that, so then you can fully enjoy the sensations from the sexual intercourse.

Those that have never used male enhancement cream or gel before are advised to use the oil when they masturbate to get more comfortable with it and with the sensations that are provided from it. However, you should not use the oil if you have some wounds or inflammation around your genitals to avoid possible problems and damage to the tissues.

In any case, the product itself does not provide negative side effects. It is a bit more expensive than other similar products on the market, but it does provide top benefits quickly and effectively. There are many positive testimonials from men that have used the product before, so this looks like a great product to use.

VigRx Oil ingredients

When it comes to the main ingredients of VigRX Oil, you should know that there are several potent ingredients inside this product. All of them are natural and provide different benefits for your sexual health.

Many health experts and scientists have recommended using this product, so let us look closely to each of the ingredients of the VigRX Oil.

  • Gingko Biloba is one of the main components that increase the blood circulation towards your genital area.
  • Muira Puama increases sexual energy, desire, and stamina.
  • Hawthorne berry works by improving the work of your blood vessels and contributes to better blood flow towards your penis.
  • Red Ginseng has aphrodisiac characteristics and improves numerous sexual functions.
  • Epimedium leaf is also known as Horny Goat Weed, and this ingredient boosts the production of testosterone in your body.
  • Catuaba bark and Cuscuta seeds are final two ingredients that help in treating sexual problems like low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Is it safe to use VigRx Oil?

Because all ingredients of VigRX Oil are natural, you can safely use this oil every day to experience the best results. Besides short-term benefits like getting harder erections, you should also get some long-term benefits like better orgasms, improved sexual stamina and shorter recovery time between sex sessions. All of that points that VigRX Oil is a pretty good product to use for enhancing your sex life.

VigRX Oil is perfect male enhancement product for those men that do not want or cannot take male enhancement pills for different reasons. The oil absorbs much faster and enters your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. Other products require long-term use before you experience the benefits, but with VigRX Oil you do not have to wait at all to get stronger, harder and longer erections.

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X4 Labs Extender for Penis Enlargement Review

How does X4labs work?

X4 Labs is a penis enlargement extender that is made to improve the size and curvature of your penis. This penis extender works like most of the other penis extenders you can find on the market. By using the traction, you are adding bigger tension to your penis, and the skin cells start to reproduce in larger numbers constantly.

That will naturally increase the length and girth of your penis. The traction that is being used on your penis will also increase your blood flow, which will also boost your sex desire and improve your sexual performance. Many people claim that they have expanded their penis sizes to up to 3 inches with this device.

Learn more about penis curvature on MedlinePlus.

X4 Labs is made of durable and comfortable materials of high quality. Manufacturers recommend you wear the device for at least six hours every day to experience the best results. However, final results are variable and depend on many different factors, including the amount of time you wear X4 Labs every day. If you wonder whether X4 Labs will extend your penis, the short answer is yes, but you need to be very persistent in wearing this extender.

X4 Labs penis extender comes with several advantages and a few disadvantages. When it comes to benefits, X4 Labs will successfully help you extend your penis length and improve girth, regardless of the size of your penis. This penis extender is also expected to grow other aspects of your sexual life, like sexual performance and stamina.

X4 Labs is also designed to help people that have problems with curvature of their penises. X4 Labs has been clinically tested and has shown positive results in treating mild forms of erectile dysfunction and helping against premature ejaculation.

X4Labs disadvantages

Regarding disadvantages, X4 Labs comes in five different packages which are a bit expensive. The basic and cheapest package does not contain detailed guides and does not come with a guarantee like the more expensive packages.

Another disadvantage is that you may feel sore in the first few days when you start using this device. Also, keep in mind that it takes for at least three months for you to begin noticing visible results regarding your penis size.

How to use X4labs (user manual and instructions)

Before you start using X4 Labs, it is advisable for you to select a comfortable strap that you will secure it tightly so your penis will not slip off. You should wear comfy clothes when you wear this device and wear X4 Labs to up to four hours in the first few days of using it.

When you get more comfortable with it, you can gradually increase the amount of time you wear the device every day.

The optimal time for wearing it is six hours per day. Also, another thing you should do is apply Vitamin E oil on your penis after you are done using the device for your penis to regenerate.

The tool can also be worn during your sleep, but it is probably better to wear it during the day to avoid any possible problems with jostling while you sleep.

In conclusion, we can say that X4 Labs is an efficient penis extender that provides different results for different people. Most of the men that have used this device claim that it had given them good results and that their penis sizes have increased by a couple of inches.

It is not clear whether this device only improves your penis length or that it brings other sexual benefits as well. When you think about using penis devices, it is all up to you and your personal needs. Regular and long use of X4 Labs can increase the length of your penis, although the final results are not spectacular.

How to buy X4Labs penis extender

This is one of the better penis extension devices you can find on the market, so it is worth to try it. You have several packages to choose from, but keep in mind that most of them may not be very affordable for many men.

If the price is an issue, then you can go for other affordable penis devices you can find on the market. If you are looking for a quality product that is made of top materials, then you should consider using some of the X4 Labs packages.