Top Rated Penis Pumps Compared: Bathmate vs. Penomet

The Penomet and Bathmate hydro-pumps work based on a rather simple and straightforward principle. This results in high safety and effectiveness of their use. The design of such a device comprises a chamber inside which the man is supposed to put his penis. At the entrance to this tube, there is a special sleeve that acts as a pumping element. At the base of the cylinder, there’s a small valve through which water flows.


X4 Labs Extender for Penis Enlargement Review


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How does X4 labs work?

X4 Labs is a penis enlargement extender that is made to improve the size and curvature of your penis. This penis extender works like most of the other penis extenders you can find on the market. By using the traction, you are adding bigger tension to your penis, and the skin cells start to reproduce in larger numbers constantly.