How do I convert other file types into Palm OS compatible formats?

Any information you have on your desktop that you can somehow save as either a general text (.txt) file or a comma-separated variable (.csv) file can then be converted and downloaded into the Palm OS device.

Text-based documents:

These files can be converted in the following manner:

  1. Pasting the contents into memopad in the Palm Desktop software, then hotsync’ing to the Palm OS device.
  2. Converting the document into a Palm OS-compatible format – this option requires a 3rd party application to be installed first.

There are many document readers for the Palm OS. They can all read files in the DOC format (the standard Palm OS text file, not to be mistaken with Microsoft Word doc files) Individual applications of course can also read their own proprietary file formats. Your choice of which one to get depends on available memory, and various bells and whistles.

Usually, commercially available text reading applications come bundled with them a file converter or text editor. However, if you are strapped for cash, there are also other freeware DOC convertors available.

You may find a suitable text application from:

  • PalmGear HQ

Spreadsheet or Database documents:

Both Jfile and HanDBase come with accessory programs (Jconv395 and HanDDesk, respectively) that convert file formats. In each case, the desktop database must be saved as a .csv (comma-separated variable) file from whatever desktop program you’re using (MS Excel, for example). Jconv395 and HanDDesk will then convert the .csv file into Palm OS database format. Both programs will also perform the reverse conversion, so that Pilot databases can be “uploaded” to your desktop computer and edited in .csv format.

You may find a suitable database application from:

  • PalmGear HQ

Calculator shortcuts:

For SynCalc, there’s no direct and easy way to download calculation shortcuts into the program. One way to avoid having to write them into the Palm OS device is to type the calculations into MemoPad on your desktop program, and then hotsync. You can then cut and paste from memopad into syncalc. No direct experience with this method on MathPad, but it should work just as well.

You may find a suitable calculator application from:

  • PalmGear HQ