Where do I find medical resources to put into my Palm OS device?

There are many sources around that you can put into your Palm OS device. Below are some suggestions. Please make sure that when you copy the significant amount of information from a certain source, you are not violating any copyright!

  • old lecture notes (hopefully they are already stored in your computer to save you from retyping them)
  • CD-ROM references

Some useful internet medical resources:

  • eMedicine
  • The Multmedia Medical Reference Library
  • Antimicrobial Use Guidelines
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The Merck Manual
  • MedExplorer
  • Mioti
  • Entropy

Once you are finished, why not consider submitting your clinical pearls or other useful medical references to Healthy Palmpilot for your colleagues and fellow medical piloteers to enjoy? Don’t worry if you don’t have a server to store your files online. I’m providing some limited space at my own server for you to upload.