Male Edge Review. Is it Worth to Buy this Extender?

Male Edge is a penis extender device which promises to increase the size of your penis by 1-4 inches. Those that do not want to use penis pills or surgeries will find this product useful, as it claims that it can extend your penis to up to three inches over a certain period.

The device is manufactured by a company from Denmark that is known for making tools for men. You can order this product directly from the manufacturer`s website and get it shipped to your home address. However, the shipping fees will cost you about $30.

Male Edge comes in three different packages:

  • The basic package is $150;
  • The extra package costs $175;
  • Pro package is $200.

Male Edge is primarily designed for those men that are not satisfied with the length of their penis and that are prepared to use the extender for a longer period. You need to be at least 18 years old to use this product, and there is no upper age limit until which you can use the device.

How does Male Edge Penis Extender Review

Quick note
Male Edge  extends your penis by using the force of traction. It stretches your penis until results get permanent.

It boosts production of new skin cells in your penis, making it thicker and longer. This is a popular technology widely used by health professionals, so everything is safe and without any adverse side effects.

When you receive the Male Edge package, you need to assemble the product first before you start using it. To start using it, you have a few steps to follow. The first thing you need to do is to separate the part that is on the front of the rods. There is also a type of ring that you should attach to your penis.

If your penis is longer than five inches, you need to turn the rubber strap around. The belt should be put either on the top or under your foreskin, whatever feels more comfortable for you. The rods should be turned clockwise and pulled to achieve the desired length.

Everything should feel comfortable and well secured. These are just basic instructions, but you will get a better idea and a more thorough explanation if you follow the instructional manual that is included in your Male Edge package.

MaleEdge Side Effects Review

As mentioned, Male Edge does not come with negative side effects. However, some people may experience bigger tenderness in their groin area. Also, some people may feel discomfort or slight pain when they use the device for the first time. This discomfort should go away within the first few days of using the tool.

Positive about Male Edge is that is made of light plastic materials, so you will not even feel the device when you are wearing it as opposed to other penis extenders on the market. However, plastic materials also mean that this device is as not as durable as other extenders. You should also be careful when you apply higher tension on the front piece because it may pop out.

Male Edge is a penis enlargement device that will most likely bring you positive results over time, but you need to be very patient and use it every day for optimal results. The results are different from one man to another, and be prepared to wait for at least six months to experience any difference in the size and girth of your penis.  Being made of plastic is a concern for many people, and also the relatively high shipping fee is a drawback to many men. 

How to Use MaleEdge

Male Edge is not the best penis extender you can find on the market but is also not the worst. It is easy to use and more comfortable to wear in comparison to other devices. Make sure you follow the instructions if you want to get the best results and you will avoid any problems.

Promises that you can gain a few inches in size are brave, but the results are not the same for every man that uses the device. Overall, Male Edge is a solid product to try. If the shipping fees and plastic materials are not a problem for you, then Male Edge can be a good extender for you.

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