The Best Penis Pump Results Compared. Penis Growth vs. Erection

The Penomet and Bathmate top hydro-pumps work based on a rather simple and straightforward principle. This results in high safety and effectiveness of their use. The design of such a device comprises a chamber inside which the man is supposed to put his penis.

At the entrance to this tube, there is a special sleeve that acts as a pumping element. At the base of the cylinder, there’s a small valve through which water flows.

Once the penis is inside the chamber, the man should press the sleeve against his pubic bone as tightly as possible to ensure water-tightness.

Quick note
Before using a water pump like Bathmate and Penomet, you should spend 5-10 minutes in a bathtub with warm water.

Before inserting your penis into the tube, make sure there’s water inside the chamber. Next, the man should start performing pumping movements, which remove all the excess fluid and air from the chamber. Eventually, a vacuum forms inside the tube, which enhances blood flow in the penis. This Penomet review will show you how this penis pump works

How to Use the Bathmate Best Penis Pump[GUIDE]


Perform pumping for 2, no more than 3 minutes, and then take a rest. During the break, you should take the penis out of the chamber. For maximum safety, you should open the upper valve and release all the remaining liquid and air from the tube. After a minute break, repeat the cycle 3-4 times.

Please note that the duration of one pumping session should not exceed 20 minutes.

There are many handy accessories among the most useful developments of water pump manufacturers(Bathmate and Penomet). For example, if you want to use the pump in the shower with greater convenience, you can attach a belt to the device, which greatly simplifies the pumping process.

Is Water Penis Pump Approved by Doctors?

Worth noting, the best water pumps Bathmate and Penomet have repeatedly undergone clinical tests participated by both ordinary consumers and medical professionals. This has allowed drawing an objective assessment of the effectiveness of these devices and penis enlargement results.

Medical specialists regularly conduct surveys and online monitoring to evaluate the TOP hydro-pump. According to the 2018 data, the demand for the device grew by about 45.8%, which is a 25% increase as compared to the 2016 result. As of today, every fifth man on our planet has tried out a hydro-pump at least once in his life.

Those who still have doubts regarding the effectiveness and high performance of the hydro-devices may be interested in the following statistics.

Clinical facts
Of the 90 people who used the device for six months, 87 reported a positive result.

Compare Top Rated Pump Results

Below, you can get familiar with the comparative characteristics of the Bathmate and Penomet pumps. Externally, these two devices are constructively similar: a chamber, a sleeve, and a valve for water discharge. However, if you have a closer look at the two designs, you will notice certain qualitative differences.

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump

A Bathmate is a top-rated penis pump, the user should select the device based on the parameters of his penis. Measure your penis to buy the most suitable model that will deliver a positive effect and let you achieve your goals.

Bathmate comes with a built-in, non-replaceable sleeve. As soon as the rubber components are worn out, you need to dispose of the device, even if the condition of the plastic chamber is satisfactory. On the surface of the chamber, you can see a measuring scale that will help you monitor the parameters of your genital organ.
Unlike its counterpart, Penomet comes in one universal size that is compatible with any parameters of the penis. This indicates the working chamber is made of more flexible and pliable plastic.

While the pressure parameter is simple to understand, the intended use need a bit of an explanation. If you want to use Penomet out of the water, you should purchase an additional special sleeve.


Many users think that removable sleeves come as part of the basic kit. However, the standard package includes only one pumping element. If you want a multifunctional device, you should consider purchasing additional sleeves.

In all other aspects, the Bathmate and Penomet hydro-pumps are completely identical.

Final Bathmate and Penomet Reviews

If you’re starting to notice problems caused by modest penis parameters, we recommend that you think hard about purchasing a water pump, such as Bathmate or Penomet. It’s the most effective and safe method to incite the natural growth of the genital organ.

In contrast to the alternative (penis extenders), hydro-pumps do not require long-term interaction with the penis. 20 minutes per day are enough to ensure positive results.

Moreover, you can use the pump immediately before the sexual intercourse to get fast results. This will give you a strong and long-lasting erection. Once you start pumping with one of the best penis pumps like Bathmate and Penomet, it won’t be long before you get a positive result.

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